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Imbolc (Candlemas)


Imbolc (pronounced em-bowlk) occurs in midwinter on about February 2nd.

And being midwinter celebrates the coming of spring. In ancient agrarian culture, it represented the time when animals started to give birth to new life, or were starting to lactate in preparation for birth. Imbolc is also a celebration for the blessing of seeds to be planted in the spring as well as the consecration of agricultural tools.

Being at mid winter, they days are starting to get longer so this is also a festival of lights, celebrating the returning of the sun.

Some of the symbols that represent this celbration are, a representation of a white flower (a crocus would be one of the best, as it is the usually the first flower to sprout from the ground. Orange candles, to represent the renewing energies of the returning Sun. A small pictcher of cream to represent the new birth and milk flowing for the spring.

Of course, if you are planning on plantinmg anything in the spring, the seeds that you will be sowing should be blessed to bring forth a bontiful harvest also.