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The Goddess and the Three Phases of the Moon

The Goddess is usualy worshipped and recognized in Her three aspects as Maiden, Mature Woman, and Crone. As such, the three phases of the of the Moon, the new moon (waxing) the full moon, and the dark of the moon (waning), are attributed to the three aspects of the goddess.
The new moon is the Maiden as She grows and waxes into womanhood. This is a good time to start projects, to do rituals that need time to grow to bring forth fruits, and fore all creative endeavors.

The Full Moon is the Mature woman ripe in her femininity, the nuturing Mother. This is the time for projects to have their fruition, the time to gather in and reap the rewards of the growth rituals done in the waxing of the moon. The full moon is also a time for healing and fullness, fulfilment of that which was asked in ritual. The full moon is also considered the best time to do magic to attain things, to gather to one's self.
The Dark of the Moon is the Crone as She wanes in Her life, appraoaching death that She might be reborn.As the New Moon is good for purification, and consecration,(most traditions say that the new moon is a good time to consecrate ritual tools of the craft), the Dark of the Moon is a time for banishings and bindings. It is the Moon of Death, the Dark of the Moon, but as always with the cycle of birth, life, and death, it promises rebirth again.

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