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A Ritual for the Full Moon

Perform this ritual at night, preferably outdoorswhen the Moon is Full, and it is near it's midheaven. Decorate the altar with things that are lunar in nature, crescents,white flowers and candles and an incense that is typical of the moon. In the middle of the altar a white bowl with water and a piece of silver in it, or else asilver bowl with water in it. Arrange the altar, light the candles and censer, and cast the circle about you.
Stand before thealtar and invoke the Goddess and the God, with an invocation with which you feelcomfortable with.
Now gaze at the Moon if possible. Look up at it with your arms outstreached and feel its energies sinking into your body. Feel thepower of the Lunar Goddess wash over you with Her cool soft power and love.
Now incant these or similar words:

WondrousLady of the Moon,
You who greets the dusk with silvered kisses;
Mistress of thenight and of all Magicks,
who rides the clouds in Blackened Skies
and spills your light upon the cool gentle Earth;
O Lunar Goddess;
Shadow maker and shadow breaker;
Revealer of mysteries past and present;
Puller of theseas and ruler of women;
All-wise Lunar Mother,
I greet your celestial jewel at the waxing ofits powers
With a rite in your honor.
I pray by the Moon
I pray by the Moon
Ipray by the Moon

Continue chanting "I pray by the Moon", for as long as you will. Feel Her power filling you up, and if you so desire, visualize the Moon Goddess as a tall robust woman with silvery jwelery and white, rippling draped silks. A crescent Moon may rest upon Her brow, and she may hold a silvery glowing orb in Her hands. She treads the starfield of eternal night in an eternal round with Her lover, the Sun God, spreading moonrays wherever She goes. Her skin is white and translucent, she radiates and glows.
Now is the time formagick of all types, for the full of the Moon marks the height of its powers, and all positive spells cast are then made all the morepowerful.
Full Moons are also excellent times for meditation, mirror magic, and pyschic workings. Crystal scrying, or scrying in the silver bowl of water is excellent now.
Lunar liquids such as white wine, milk or lemonade are traditional for the cakes and ale after the rite. Of course the cakes aremade intocrescent shapes.

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